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[IN THE OUTSIDES] Occurring outside the architecture of galleries and theatres, Arcade works experience extreme exposure to large and diverse communities, along with the elemental forces of sun, wind, and rain. The 2020 programme examined the island space of Aotearoa NZ, and states of inclusion and exclusion; experiencing the interior and exterior as interweaving conditions. On the outside looking in, or from the inside looking out – we often find ourselves moving between positions of estrangement and belonging.


The 19+ performance projects from 2020 played with these concepts and perceptions, inviting audiences to look further within and to come closer – searching beyond face value to find hidden depths inside the image, the body, the experience, and our shipping container spaces. Art and expression worked well with these undersides, flipsides, blindsides, insides and outsides: where uncertainty, unknowing, curiosity, and ambiguity play upon our senses and faculties with all the stealth and mystery of dreams.

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